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Taxes made simple

We’re here to optimize your taxes, so you save time and money.

Your taxes filed by a trusted and seasoned tax professional, from the comfort of your own home or office. No work for you.


The USAExpatTaxServices Advantage

100% Done for You

Guidance on Tax Strategy & Planning

100% Accuracy (Guaranteed)

Take Advantage of Every Tax Break

How it works!

1) You send us your files.

-Please use our 2017 Tax Return Data Organizer(.xls) for providing your tax return data.

Send all tax data to office@usaexpattaxservices.com.

2) Done for you.

Using the information provided, we are completing your taxes for you. We will get you every tax break, you’re eligible for.

-In most cases, we will be able to e-file the US tax return on your behalf. There are some circumstances where the IRS prohibits e-filing (for example, if you are late filing your US tax return). If this applies to you, we will provide you with the instructions you need to send your US tax return by mail.

-If you engage us to prepare your FBAR, we deliver it to you as a PDF, you return a signature form and we e-file the FBAR on your behalf.

3) We send you our invoice.

-Payment is accepted by wire transfer, direct deposit to U.S. bank account or via Paypal, and will be due 5 days after you receive your draft US tax returns.

You should review your return as soon as we send it to you. We will be happy to clarify anything for you or make changes to your return if necessary. Even after you make payment, we are still happy to make changes to your return should you need any.